Sunday, September 12, 2010

This year~

Hi everybody,

It's been a long time since I last blog.. Sorry bout that. Haha.

Just a rough update. I'm currently working in Finisar Ipoh. Kinda like my work now. Still slowly learning things which I use to dislike (programming) which now doesn't seems that bad. I'm so liking the church in Ipoh as well and started involving in the worship team too, and I like the circle of friends I have.

Well I just finish a week vacation back in Sarawak after 9months not going back to Bintulu. It was pretty fruitful in the sense, I get to travel to many places and meet my family members (mom and sis in Kuching), superb fellowship with my dad, plus serving as a guitarist in an Iban conference (gempuru besai) in Sri Aman.

So basically, my dad and I drove all the way to the end of Sarawak which is about <600km to meet my sis and mom and have a birthday party for grandma; 200km from kuching to Sri Aman for Iban conference, den another <400km back to Bintulu. So yah.. almost traveled the whole Sarawak within a week (except the northen part) :P

Now that I've leave home back to Ipoh, I started to miss my family again but at the same time, I'm excited to go back to work to finish my pending tasks. "Back to the real world" Haha. Like what my dad said, children will have to leave home one day to learn about the life. When they are seperated from the family, many other values they will learn themselves.

Yah, I'm so also gonna miss Sarawak food. Mee kolok, kueh chap, our childhood chicken rice, dim ping hu, zao chai, sea cucumber soup, milin, and most of all sarawak laksa and mom's cook. I'm looking forward to my next trip back home...

Hi all, I would like to request for your prayers for my beloved sister Joanne. She is having infection on her ear. next saturday she will undergo an operation to remove the infected part. Please pray that the infected will shrink alot so that by this saturday, she will only need to operate that little infected part. Also pray that the operation will not leave any scars. Thanks alot.

Guess that's all for now.. I'll try to update this blog more often liao.. Hehe.. Cheers all.. God bless. :D

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unexpected journey~!

Hey everybody,

Today is my 2nd day in my uncle house. My uncle family are in Kuching leaving me alone in this house. Haha.

I met a nice friend from Miri who is having his internship in Finisar. This weekend, I decided to bring him around since he doesn't have any transportation. From going to church, shopping and even eating good food. Today was abit unusual. I asked him out for lunch and we had an expensive, Ipoh famous chicken rice for lunch in Ipoh town. I forgot the shop's name though. Sorry :) Then I drive him around to see the Ipoh town.

After driving around and me being a Sarawakian Ipoh tour guide, I am on the road back to his house :) He is staying at Klebang Jaya, just opposite Finisar. It was still early and I don't know where to bring him already. So, I suggested to go to Sungai Siput (further down) since I never been there before. So off we go. We reached Sg. Siput and drive through some housing estate and the time was still early again. Nothing much to see. Haha. So, I suggested to go to the royal town of Perak, Kuala Kangsar (KK). So off we go again. Haha.

Here are the pictures I took. Sorry for the poor pictures because I use my hand phone camera to take. It was an unplanned trip thats why.

This is the big clock. Its in Kuala Kangsar center. Basically, Kuala Kangsar town have 2 main roundabout which is then divided to different parts of KK which are then link back to the other junction of the roundabout. And there are always full of cars. Haha.

This is the Kuala Kangsar town. To my surprise, there is traffic jam in places like KK!!

So my friend, Leong, he contacted his friend regarding where to go and visit, where is interesting and nice to see in Kuala Kangsar. This is the first place we go.

The Sultan Azlan Shah gallery. We reach there at 445pm and unlucky enough, the muzuem closed at 430. =.= So, we only snap a few pictures from the outside. :D

We then go to our next destination.

The Ubudiah Mosque. It looks pretty grand and it is one of the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia according to wikipedia :D So, my friend and I went in and have a closer look.

This is the view from the parking area.

Then we continued our journey to the Istana Iskandariah. There is a road circle-ing the palace. The palace are not accessible to outsider. So, we took a slow drive around the palace and park at one area for some pictures.


And my friend, Leong.

On the way out, I saw another junction. I was curious so I turned in to see anything to see. Thus, we reached the Muzium Diraja Perak (Royal Perak Muzuem). Some call it Istana Kenangan (Memorial Palace). Like I've mentioned, we reach KK quite late so its closed for visitors. So we took some pictures from outside. It looks pretty grand too. This palace is unique compare to other palace because it is the only palace in Malaysia build without nails and woven bamboo walls. Its a muzuem now though.

Besides, there are 3 couples taking pictures there. Couple as in just married :D

Leong's friend mentioned of a famous laksa in KK. Called "Pak Ngah". So off we go hunting it. After seeking for some direction from a few people, we reached there. Apparently we asked a few people and they all know about this "Pak Ngah" laksa. So, I guess it must be pretty famous there :D

There is a small road next to a school. Really small road. Like entering a kampung. But at the end of the road, many cars were there. Haha. Here is how the shop look like.

This is the bowl of laksa. Quite nice I must say but still can't compare a single bit to Sarawak laksa. Haha.

What a wonderful day we had just too bad we didn't go earlier. Else we can visit the muzuem. Anyways, there are few place that we didn't visit such as The First & Oldest Rubber tree planted in the country and labu sayong - a traditional earthenware container. Haha. Maybe next time or when la. :D That's all from me. God bless.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas plan gone ruin~

Hey everybody,

I just back from searching for bus ticket to Penang on this Thursday night at Medan Gopeng. Before this, I was undecided whether to go or not. Apparently, all 15 to 20 ticketing stalls in Medan Gopeng tickets are fully booked. Huhu. Imagine all the stalls only send out 1 bus. So 20 buses. Say 30 people per bus, means 600 people are going to Penang on that night from Ipoh alone. Haven't counted people who are driving. Plus people from other places. Haha. I pray that Penang don't sink this Christmas. Haha. Jk jk. Anyway, I think I just stay back celebrate Christmas in COP and hopefully meet up with Teik Hui.

Anyways, finally I got a task to do at work today. Sorting up information using excel. Alot to do. According to my colleague who is 2 months senior than me, said, in the beginning, this is the tasks they will give, and slowly get more and more difficult. Haha. Thats all for now. God bless.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First week of work~

Hi everybody,

This is officially the final day of my first week of work. If you all noticed, the coming 3 weeks, we will have all 3 Friday holidays. This week, awal muharam (if not mistaken), next week Christmas (maybe my company is giving 2 days hols, heard some people mentioning it), and the following Friday (2010 new year). Lolx.

Well my first day of work was ok. First 3 days were mostly briefing. Briefing about policy, safety, person to contact, procedure etc etc. Very tiring trying to hold myself from not sleeping. At the end of Wed briefing, got test some more. I hope I can pass lar... Must get 80/100 ler. Haha.

Since this is my first job, I'm quite stressed up thinking all the what if question. What if I can't cope with my job? What if I can't perform? What if they expect so much more from me? What if this what if that really made me worried about it. But during this past two weeks bible reading (quiet time), God reminds me and telling me of many things.

First, in James 1:5
"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."
Which means I should ask wisdom from Him when I'm in need like how king Solomon did.

Also, Psalms 119:105
"Your word is a lamp to my feet & a light to my path"
God reminds me that I have to read His unchanging word and it will be the path for my life.

Also, in Pastor Clement's sermon, Deuteronomy 28.
"Seek first the kingdom of God, and blessing will chase after you. We don't chase after blessing like how most people in the world does."

Many more too. These are the few that really struck me. So, I will do my best here in Ipoh for God's glory. Do commit me in prayer ya.

Anyway, now lets talk about non holy stuff. Haha.

This is my desk at work. I have a powerful comp and a cubical for myself. But soon, this will be the location of my stress. Haha.

This is Swet Ping. Sitting behind me only. A wonderful colleague. She is a week senior than me. Haha.

So far, only two pics. Haha. I forgot to bring to the canteen to take some pics. Maybe if I have opportunity in future. Haha. For this first week in Ipoh, guess what I enjoyed most? Haha. Is this...


A king size bed in Excelsior hotel. I'm so gonna miss it next week. When I get to own a house, I will get a bed, big bed for myself. Haha.

Anyways, thats all from me now. Happy holidays. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hi everybody,

My dad just left me for Singapore. This mixed feeling inside me make me feel so weird.

After back from sending my dad, I flashed back all the activities that I had with my dad for the past week and in fact, it shows how much my dad loves me and cares for me.

Usually, he is the boss, he decides what to eat, what to do etc etc. These past week, I'm like the king of the world. Back in KL, he drives me around, bring me to eat, buy new clothes for me, take care of me when I'm sick, make sure I eat my medicine, make sure there is enough water for me etc. Ya, he too pat me very often and say he will miss me. Its not just king, its more than king.

In Ipoh, I am like a king too. He drives me around. And bought me alot of things. To him, these are the last few only things that he can give me before leaving me with my new job in Ipoh. All my basic needs from hanger, detergen, pail to even my internet connection is taken care of. And again, he often mentioned how much he would miss me. He is happy with me getting a job here in Ipoh but the feeling of leaving me behind wasn't easy for him too.

To any human being, I feel what a person need most in his/her life is nothing but love. Like what God said in 1 Corinthians 13, if we have such great faith that can move mountains but without love, it is nothing. I feel so loved by my dad that I feel so reluctant to leave him physically. After 5 months of pampering at home, to leave him and also my family of course, wasn't easy.

I believe most people will say, life goes on, and I just gonna do my best to make him proud and I will always remember how much he had done for me to the end of my life.

Sorry for the poor structure of this blog. What I thought, I just type, no recheck and all. All based on feelings.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In Ipoh~

Hi everybody,

After a morning of drive on the highway, we reached Ipoh safely. Thank God for that. I on my laptop to check for available wi-fi connection. I was so happy to see there are so many connections available compare to PERMATA but the thing is, non are connect-able. So, back to square one, connect using my handphone. Haha.

Now I'm in Excelsior, the room seems to be quite nice. Gonna stay here for 2 weeks. Awesome. Haha. Thats all for now.

By the way, I'm fever and sorethroat free dy. Cheers~


Hi everybody,

I'm now in KL. Not exactly KL. I'm in PERMATA with my dad. He has a course here.

The journey to PERMATA was really a testimony. On the 8th December, both my father and I, reached KLIA and we took a taxi to pick up our car from the cargo. After an hour plus in the taxi, we finally reach our destination. We reached at 550pm. Guess what, their working hour is till 6pm. Praise God.

Then off we go to PERMATA. My dad said drive towards Putrajaya, and then towards Bangi. We all ended up reaching Bangi instead of PERMATA. Lol. We all dropped by a chinese operated sundry shop. The guy there was friendly, he told us the way. After dinner, off we go according to his direction. His directions were so clear in my head. Every single words he said I tried to remember and try to picture it. "I don't want to get lost again," I said to myself.

Praise God, we reach at 850pm. And once again guess what, the working hour for the people working at the "check in" counter is 9pm. So, happily we check in. And the room was much better than I expected. Thank God.

What a day. Haha.

I am very happy because I am able to meet my batch mate, Isaac who is working here in Permata. We met up for lunch and had great time despite getting lost looking for char siew rice :D Its really a divine appointment by God for me to meet Isaac here because I'm not a Petronas employee and that means I don't don't come to this place for training. And seldom too I follow my dad to his course. Haha.

The downside of this trip was, the second day (9th December), I caught a fever. I had slight sorethroat in the morning and at night, I have fever. After taking two Panadols, I got much better. Now all I need is some good rest because we going to Ipoh tomorrow. Haha.

Good night.

ZzZZZz ZZzzzzzZ